Saturday, February 20, 2010

22 Slapstick CD Designs. Which Is Your Fav?

They say beauty can appear in any form. And today the beauty that we are going to witness comes in one shape but in 22 slapstick variations. When we talk about CD, the first thing that pops into our minds is that CDs are cheap and boring. What else? They are nothing but a well...plain, blatant CD? Today we are going to look at 22 different CD designs that you don't get to see in your every day life. :p When I look at them, I had mixed reaction. Some of the designs made me laugh while some of them made my jaw dropped.

So what's so special about these designs? Ok! Apart from being creative and innovative, all the designs have one thing in common-the huge, gaping HOLE! Yep! Apparently the designers conceptualized their ideas by focusing on the hole. :) So let's see if you like these designs just like.

Me, cute face



Blades of glory?


Eat your medicine.

Don't play with fire.

Spidey in the house.

Broken fan.

Broken wheel.

Punctured baseball?

Hip alien?


What the $%^&*?

Of ovum & lots of sperms.


Twin effect.

God bless you.


Tyre & Fossil.

Osama bin Bomb!

So which is your favourite? Personally I love the firs one. Simple and cute. So do you have any CD designs which are really creative? Please share it with us.