Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daddy's First Time At Pizza Hut

Yesterday, we brought daddy to Pizza Hut to have our dinner. :) It was daddy's very first time at Pizza Hut. Can you believe it? All this while, daddy refused to dine in at Pizza Hut because he is the typical kind of traditional guy who doesn't like to go out. So we were more than happy that dad agreed to have dinner with us. Taken aback actually. Pizza Hut welcomed our arrival at around 7p.m. Surprisingly not many people were dining there, much to our delight. We placed our orders and waited patiently for our pizza.

Let's makan!

PRESS for service!

I believe tables in all Pizza Huts nationwide are fitted with "buzzer" right? After we have made up our mind on what to feast, we simply "buzz" the Pizza Hut's staffs to take our orders. Not bad at all aye. :p

Must have at Pizza Hut.

We ordered the usual family combo: 2 regular pizzas (Chicken Supreme & Royal Masala), breadstix, mushroom soup and a jug of Pepsi. Since daddy is the "rice" person, we ordered Pilaf rice with hot wings and a cup of blackcurrant tea for daddy. So how was it? Hmm....I thing just ok only.

Pizza time.

We were all smiles because we finally managed to persuade daddy to come out of his "comfort zone" and dine with us at Pizza Hut. So did daddy enjoy his Palif rice, pizza & Blackcurrant tea?

Of course...

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