Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Parents, Do You Feel Like An ATM?

It's tough being a parent right? Situations are already difficult while we are preparing for their advent. At first when they arrived, we will be so happy to look at them. The sight of their immaculate smiles can melt our hearts immediately. Their pristine yet clumsy antics make us feel so blissful. BUT...once they grow bigger, our heads will follow suit too. Nowadays more and more parents are over-pampering their children! Some teens these days have phones which are 10 times more expensive than mine. Their parents even provide them cars to go to school. Crap! I am still riding my bike.

Cute huh...wait till they grow older. :p

There will be a point where parents realized that their love is actually spoiling their young ones. Their kids will become more rebellious and more demanding. Some of these children believe that they are privileged and entitled to have whatever they want. They have become so ungrateful! Soon enough, those cute little babies of yours might turn into devils that suck every penny out of you. Wanna know how?

Serious. This might happen to you

Yeah! They will treat their parents like ATM. Do you have this feeling before? I am not a father yet. I don't one to be like him. LOL :D It's all about how we educate our children and how we raise them up right? I will make sure that my kids are not spoiled brats. :p

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