Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Girl Wants Jessica-Alba-Plasty To Win Boyfriend Back!

They say that people are getting crazier these days. You know what, they are so damn right! And the latest ridiculous news I heard certainly proves that we are getting sick. There's this girl from China who wants Jessica-Alba-Plasty! She wanted to have cosmetic surgery so that she can look just like a carbon copy of Jessica Alba. For what right? Apparently this girl here, is too obsessed with his ex-boyfriend, who is himself obsessed with Jessica Alba. A~ha! Now you know. This news is so hot right now. You'll find out why later.

Hmm...she does look prettier in Jessica Alba "mode" right?

You see, before our Chinese friend here, Xiaoqing, broke up with her boyfriend...he has always insisted that she wore a blonde wig and imitate Jessica Alba in every way. Damn! What kind of boyfriend is this? Her ex-boyfriend even asked her to do Alba-style make-up even in her SLEEP! So one day while she was in Jessica Alba mode (with her wig and make up), passers-by stared and laughed at her. So she tore the wig and threw away the fake eye-lashes. Since she is not "Jessica Alba" anymore, her boyfriend dumped her right away! :/

Do you wanna look like Alba?

Surprisingly, Xiaoqing who is so blindly in love with her ex-boyfriend, wanted to BE JESSICA ALBA to win him back. She is ready for extreme makeover that will change her life forever. In order to look like Alba, Xiaoqing will need eyebrow lifting, eyelid reshaping, and nose reconstruction! Goodness! Why she wants to go through all this pain just for a guy who doesn't like her?

Guess what? Even Alba had a nose job!

Why this news is so hot right now? Well, in order to look like Alba, the surgery cost will be expensive too. Xiaoqing had gone public to look for donation to fund her surgery cost. So she is now begging for money to look like Alba, to win back her ex? How lame is that? Just imagine how some people will stoop so low to do some crazy thing. How about you? Will you bear the pain of the knife to be someone else, just to impress someone who has ditched you?

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