Monday, February 15, 2010

I Traveled 1000km

Last Friday, I traveled 500km up North and then back to Malacca again on Saturday. So I have traveled approximately 1000km in the space of 24 hours. Some of you might have known that I traveled so far up North because I was going back to my wife's hometown. So after my work was done last Friday, immediately I drove my wife's car to Taiping so that she can spend her Chinese New Year with her family. The next day, after I have taken our breakfast together, I took the bus and headed to KL first before I proceeded to Malacca. I reached home around 8.30pm on Saturday. It was such a tiring trip. :p

So yeah! My wife is not spending this Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day with me. *sob* In case you are wondering, why can't I just stay put with my missus in Taiping? Well, I can't because I had to come back in time to offer prayers to my ancestors and God. Likewise, you must be thinking then why didn't my wife just stay back here and celebrate CNY with me right? Because in the future, most of the CNY she'll be celebrating it here with me. Ha :D So no wifey with me these few days. I miss her so much. :'( *sob! sob!*

I wanna be by your side now...

But well they say time flies. And in a blink of an eye, she will be in my arms again. Ha :D In another few more days, again I'll be taking the express bus and headed to my wife. I will spend a night there and then drive back to Malacca together wife my missus. Hopefully we can beat the traffic jam then. I really miss her so much. So much so...I can't sleep at night and I don't have any appetite to eat. Minutes seems to be like hours right now to me. :p So for now...I'll be alone but not lonely for my beloved wifey is always in my heart. I love you. Muacckk!

Hubby just wanna let you know that
my heart will always belong to you alone.

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