Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Last Year Receiving Ang Pow

"This year, we will give you another chance. Next year, we won't be giving you ang pow anymore." My relatives kept on telling me this again and again and again...and again until I reached home. So why this is my last year receiving ang pow? Some of you might have known the exact reason right? (Stay tune till the end to find out the answer) That aside, let's talk about our first day of Chinese New Year shall we? How's your CNY cum valentine's Day folks? Have you gone for house visiting yet? Or are you waiting for your friends and relatives to visit you?

Happy CNY folks. :)

As for my family, we are the ones who will be paying visit to our relatives' houses. Since my dad is the youngest among his siblings, dad will take us to visit his older siblings, uncles and aunties. It is a sign of respect that I really look up to. I was kinda tired an could hardly wake up this morning because I slept at 6a.m. to usher the new tiger year! In the end, around 7.30a.m. I forced myself to get out of my bed. After taking our breakfast, we embarked on our house-visiting journey. It was 9.a.m.

Ketupat, rendang & kerisik! Yum! Yum!

Our first stop was at dad's eldest sister's home. We were served ketupat and rendang, much to my liking. Yum! Yum! Then we visited our younger auntie's home. It was actually our "mother house" or "rumah abu" in Malaysian Language. After chit-chatting with my auntie and cousins, off we went to our next destinations. Later we visited our granduncles and grandaunts who are in their early 80s. I felt so warm to be able to meet our elders who have watched us grow up since we were still toddlers. I reminisced about the old days...aww...

Hmmm...which one should I eat?

Daddy was all smile with his brother, sister, nephews & nieces.

By the time we reached home, it was already half past two (2.30p.m.). Gosh! The whole journey was so tiring. Coupled with the hot, merciless, blazing sun's glaring heat...we were depleted once we alighted. That was it. So do you guys wanna know why this is my last year for receiving ang pow? The answer is simple...CLICK on THIS link to find out why!

Guess how much I "earned" today? :p

So have you find out the reason why I won't be getting any of the above red packets anymore next year? Make sure you have really checked out the link before you jump into your own conclusion ok. Anyway enjoy your CNY k. :p