Monday, January 11, 2010

Jason Derulo's Whatcha Say?

Do you know who on earth is Jason Derulo. What a weird name huh! When I heard his name on all the major airways, I tried very hard to figure out his last name. The Derulo part really makes me delirious. Ha :D Today I would like to share about his debut single, Whatcha Say? This song is very huge right now. Not only it is catchy, it has this "strange"-sounding chorus which does not sound anything like English. Ha :D It has sold more than 2 million copies and has been awarded RIAA certification of 2X Platinum. What else? Whatcha Say has also reached NO.1# in USA and several other countries. Pretty impressive huh!

Jason Derulo's impressive chart topping Whatcha Say speaks volume about his talent. Jason Derulo who is a son of the Haitian immigrants is only 20 years old, mind you. Moreover since he was 16, he has been writing songs for Diddy, Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston and Lil Mama! I'm sure this young lad here still has a lot to offer. Enough intro about Derulo, let's listen to his Whatcha Say shall we? :p

So how do you find this Whatcha Say? I love the tune. Very different from all the other songs out there. I hope you guys enjoyed his music video too. That's all for this Monday folks. Cheers. :)

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