Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wanna Play With Leech?

Actually this is one of the post that I should include in my Taiping trip. I have been wondering if this leechy stuff should make it into my blog or not. But never mind, I'm going to share this lame post with all of you nonetheless. After all this is my blog. Ha :D You see, during my Taiping Trip I chanced upon a special invertebrate. Actually I didn't stumble upon it by chance. This blood sucking creature was caught draining my sister-in-law's leg. Hence I took the opportunity to break the ice with this shy creature. There is even a video (below) showing how I play with this leech! Poor little guy huh!

Watch how my little friend executing its moves!

I thought this little guy here should have join the gymnastic team right? It was quite friendly I would say. I had a hard time keeping it still because it was so hyperactive. Haha :D

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