Thursday, December 3, 2009

Were You Trapped Too Last Thursday?

If you followed my post last Thursday, you would have known that I was going to Far, Far Away Land right? Me and my dearest wife departed from Malacca to KL to meet my sister-in-law. Then from Pudu we would hop onto the next bus to our destination. Everything was smooth sailing until we reached KL. Pudu was literally packed. Sardine-packed! Gosh! There were throngs of people gathering in that awfully dirty and small bus station. My wife and I reached KL around 5p.m. Together with her sister, we had to wait another pain staking 90 minutes in Pudu.

Once our express bus have "docked", we immediately got on board. feel the cool, soothing air beating on our face plus the cosy chair to rest on was really a blessing. We were so excited and we even discussed what we would do when we reached home. Again, everything looked like a bed of roses UNTIL we reached the toll. There were tonnes of vehicles waiting for their respective turn to receive their "toll tickets"! Then only I realized the next day was Hari Raya Haji Qurban!!! How ignorant I was.

It had begun!

Our journey was supposed to be around 9 hours and we predicted that we would reached there around 10p.m. Well! Well! How on earth did I forget to factor in the big day for our fellow Muslims? This was the first time in my life I was trapped in such a tormenting traffic jam. Our express bus could hardly move on high way. I bet no vehicles exceeded the speed limit on that day. It was such a disastrous bumper-to-bumper crawl. What a drag! I felt as if all the vehicles on the road were suffocating me. The Max speed was only around 25KM per hour I guess. So damn slow.

After 7 hours, we finally arrived at our Far, Far Away Land. It really felt that way. Ha :D Our 9 hours journey was delayed and dragged for another 4 hours all because of the spirit of "Balik Kampung"! So we needed 13 hours to reached Far, Far Away Land! Malaysians really love to return to their hometown huh. A lesson I learnt the hard way: ALWAYS check the calender before planning any trips on the highway!

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