Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Love Far, Far Away Land-Taiping!

I spent my mini-vacation at Far, Far Away for 5 days. Honestly speaking I love my wife's place. My visit to to her hometown is nothing short of surreal. Of course I prefer Malacca but my wife's shire is far more cozy compared to Malacca. No doubt about it. If you grew up here, you'll agree too. Our journey to my wife's home was a total mayhem-the traffic jam, BUT the next morning the sight of Taiping made me feel that our "suffering" was worth it. The air that I breathe in feels so pure and immaculate like the smile of a baby.

Good morning Taiping!

Taiping is basically a valley. Wherever you go you'll be surround by the giant mountains. All the hills are covered with vegetations! The lush foliage makes you feel so much at ease! The greenery that paints the whole landscape is so soothing, you'll be mesmerized by the beauty of nature. At times I just feel that I wanna stop and stare at all the wonders before me.

Simply feels like I'm on cloud 9.

Being in Taiping feels like I was in a virgin land during our forefathers' time. Of course there are cars and development scattered around the valley. But it is still nothing compared to Malacca and of course Taiping is 100 times cleaner than the plagued Kuala Lumpur (Yucks)! Everywhere you turn, you'll sure to catch a glimpse of nature. Green colour makes us feel so alive don't you think so? :) The weather is so cooling and refreshing too. Aww...we don't even have to switch on the fans.

The clouds are dancing!

The pace is much slower in Taiping. You can do everything in your own, sweet time. It makes you feel that life is precious and we should live it delicately. I really enjoy my stay in Taiping, away from the hustle and bustle of Malacca. You guys should go there too. You will get to see how the clouds are hiding between the hills. A great getaway and a very relaxing place for you to recharge again. And more importantly it lets you connect to Gaia again. I wanna go to Taiping again! :)

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