Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can You Spot Little Chameleon?

As you all know, in my previous posts when I was away I mentioned that I would be in the farm helping out right? Some of you joked and hoped that I was not playing with the Facebook game-Farmville. Ha :D Nope! I was IN a real farm. When I was in Taiping, I went to my father-in-law's farm almost every single day without fail. Nope, he is not a farmer. It just happen so that he likes nature and he loves to grow plants and vegetables. So he bought this huge piece of land to sow his passion. It is as large as a football filed I reckon. :p

Inside the farm.

Usually my father-in-law will only visit his farm once a week. So when I was back in Taiping, he was more than happy to frequent his farm more often. This is because he doesn't any boys. So I'm like his son that can tag along with him to do everything. Moreover yours truly is a kampung boy, so I have no qualms to get down and dirty. :)

Where's the little lizard?

But this post is not about what we are doing in the farm. It is about what greeted us once we arrived at the farm. My father-in-law immediately spotted it when we were in front of the gates. It was a little green chameleon. Can you spot it from the picture above? :p How about the next picture then (below)?

How about in this picture?

Ok, let's zoom in and see if you are able to spot where is the Chameleon ok. And before that...can you make out what it was doing in the first picture? :p Now, let's discover where our little friend was and what it was doing.

There you are. Now's let's zoom and see what it was doing.

It was sunbathing with its mouth opened huh!

This is easier to spot right? was so shy and turned away.

Well! That's all for today folks. If you have spotted the chameleon in both the pictured without cheating then your eyesight is good. :p If it was otherwise, then it is time to pay the optometrist a visit. Until we meet again folks. Have a great day. :D

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