Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please Pray For My Aunty Annie

This year, Christmas will be a different one. Usually me and my mommy will ride on our bike to our Auntie's house to celebrate Christmas with them. We would have dinner together. Turkey would be served on the dining table together with other mouth-watering delicacies. We would chat and laughters will brighten up our conversation. Then we will move on to the living room to continue our bickering. Mommy and Auntie were happily catching up with each other. With Christmas tunes gracing the background...aww...the whole atmosphere was so magical.

But this year, everything will be so different. Auntie Annie who played host during our last Christmas parties will not be able to do so anymore. She is not that well anymore. She is bed-ridden right now! And I witnessed her terrible condition with my own eyes earlier today.

Dad received a call last night, saying that Auntie's condition is worsening. So this morning dad and I boarded the 8a.m. express bus to KL. We reached there around 10a.m. Then we fetched a cab to Selayang Baru Hospital which was 25 minutes away. When we reached there, we were too early. It was not the visiting hour yet. But I was a little reluctant to see her because I didn't wanna watch her suffer. :(

At 1p.m. we were allowed to enter the HDW (High Dependency Ward). But only one person is allowed to visit my auntie once at a time. This is because the hospital wanna minimize the risk we will bring to the patient. When it was my turn to see Auntie Annie, I was a little worried. After I have washed my hands with soap, I turned and approached her. Goodness! I was taken aback to see her. She was so frail and she needs ventilation support. So different from the last time I met her.

Just a year ago we were chit-chatting talking about our lives etc. And now she is lying on the bed, battling with a serious lung infection. She was diagnosed with cancer and later the doctor administered chemotherapy drugs to counter the ravaging cancer cells. The outcome was supposed to be a good one. The cancer cells were brought under control, BUT the bad news is...the chemotherapy drug was too strong and it wiped out a lot of Auntie's immunity cells. Her defensive system was crippled!

The bacteria somehow managed to sneaked its way into her respiratory system and now her lungs are laden with antibiotic-resistant bacteria! And doctors are so helpless right now. They claimed they have done everything clinically possible to make Auntie Annie's better. But all their efforts were to no avail. When I was standing by her side today...I was so emotionally overwhelmed. It was such a sad sight. Life is so fragile huh?

Hopefully He would answer our prayers this time.

She wanted to speak to me, but she couldn't. Tears flowed down from the side of her eyes. And that's not much I can do for her. I had a lump in my throat but I know I gotta show her my smiley face. All I can offer right now is my sincere prayers to God so that she will get well soon. All you folks out there, please pray for her. Thank you.

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