Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Already Gone But I'm Back

Hie everybody. I am back from my holiday in Far, Far Away land. So how are all of you doing? I haven't check out your blogs yet. But rest assure I will do so really, really soon. I reached home around 10p.m. last night. Gosh! The whole journey was so long and the time it consumed was really taxing. Around 9 hours! It was a real madness. So it's a great feeling waking up in my own bed this morning. I have already gone...but now I'm back folks! Today's post is going to be a musical one. Ha :D

This is from Far, Far Away farm land. :p

I'm not sure what to pick today. After pondering for quite awhile, I guess Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone will be great, don't you think so? And it kinda marks my being away these few days right. :p Of course Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone is a totally different tone altogether. It's a pretty sad one you can say. But IMHO the video is a tad different from the message that it wanna get across.

Goodness. Must be one expensive tear aye. :p

Already Gone from Kelly Clarkson is a song about love I guess. Hmm...if this was written by Clarkson, then the whole tone of this song is pretty obvious. She is asking her lover to move on? A sad love story perhaps. Clarkson doesn't want her lover to cling on her for she is not able to give him what he wants. She can't reciprocate his love and more importantly she doesn't wanna see him hurt anymore. She is already gone! Sounds like a typical love story to me. Anyway, please enjoy Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone. :)

That's all from me for now folks. Be ready for my invasion ok! I'm going to "attack" you guys later. Muahahaha :D See you later. :)

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