Monday, November 30, 2009

Malaysia's Biggest Jusco Is Coming

If you are an employees of Jusco Aeon, you should have known about this right? But Malaccans have long noticed about this gargantuan building. The biggest Jusco is going to be ready for the public very soon. I believe coming this December, Jusco Aeon will be up and running. The latest Jusco-Aeon Bandaraya Melaka, will the BIGGEST in Asia if I'm not mistaken. They are putting on the final touches before its inception in another few more days. I just can't wait to set my feet on it. The sight of it is already enough to dwarf other shopping complex.

Is coming!

Honestly, I think this Jusco will be larger than Midvalley. No kidding! It is 4 to 5 storey tall I guess, I couldn't really recall. I heard that TGV is bidding to house their cinema in this enormous Jusco. This is certainly going to give GSC a run for their money huh. Besides this new Jusco is nearer to my house. So it is relatively a stone's throw away~lar! Around 10 minutes drive only. Yay! :D

This is just one side of it.

Welcome to Aeon Bandaraya Melaka.

So huge that my camera couldn't even capture it.

And do you know that this mammoth Jusco is located right beside Tesco Malacca? It is obvious that Jusco is taking the bulls by the horns huh. We have already known Tesco is doing very well in Malaysia, surpassing our very own Giant. Jusco serves the different segment of the market, so can Jusco snatch away Tesco's die hard "fans" in Malacca? We have to wait and see right? :p

Just look at it!

Well, that's all from me folks, I believe right now I'm on the way back already. But the journey alone will take around 10 hours. So "see" you folks tomorrow ok. Until then~:D

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