Sunday, November 29, 2009

China's Tattooed Pigs

A lot of us like to have some forms of artistry to be shown to the public right? We like to do something to show that we are keeping up with fashion. We wanna have some fashion statements to flaunt, some kind of projections if you like. Some like to don trendy attire and accessories, some will bear a little pain to have their body pierced again and again to look different. Some will push the limit and turn their largest organ-skin into a piece of living art canvas! I believe a few of us might have got yourselves one or two fancy looking tattoos on yourselves huh. But have heard about the tattooed pigs?

You want a piece of me?

Yes, there are pigs which have tattoos on their body. No kidding. Apparently there is this controversial Belgian contemporary artists who runs a rather weird operation in China recently-tattooing pigs. Wim Delvoye now derives satisfaction from tattooing on the back live pigs. His special "artistry farm" is located just 90 minutes outside Beijing in a remote village. This farm has been running for a few years, staffed with Chinese and International inkers as well as caregivers for the pigs. Goodness!

Delvoye in front of the gates of his "Farm Art"!

I'm sure PETA will not be happy with him and his project at all. But hey, he is in China right now. Not in Europe. :p His projects not only includes the lives pigs, even the dead ones are not spared from his experiments. Below is the picture of Slobodan. Cute aye? But our friend here, Slobodan is dead. Slobodan is actually a STUFFED pig which was tattooed five years ago (2004). Poor Slobodan huh, at least he didn't rest in pieces right?

Dead pig sitting.

With the live pigs, Delvoye and his fellow colleagues tattooed all kinds of design onto their backs. From roses to Louis Vuitton to religious graphics. Is there any Michael Jackson's face being tattooed on one of the pigs buttock? There will be really a heck of a tribute. :p

This is very convincing huh!

Wim Delvoye believes that what he is not doing anything wrong. He insists that the pigs barely notice the tattooing. Serious? I'm not entirely convinced with his claims though. But I have to admit that his works really transcend some boundaries. I guess that's why they say some artists are crazy. Then again...I believe he is abusing these poor pigs to certain extend. :p

Anyway watch for yourself and decide.

So what do you think? Are the pig being forced "onto"? I just hope that these pigs will get their well-deserved, handsome rewards after this. :)

P.S.: Nope. I'm not in Malacca yet. But soon. :D Until then enjoy reading my post ok. Hopefully you folks are not bored already.