Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Angel And 3 Guys

I believe it's Sunday when this post appears. So good morning everyone. No, I'm not back in Malacca yet. I'm still in the Far, Far Away Land which I mentioned earlier on. So how's your weekend folks? I'm probably still sleeping here or sipping coffee at one of the old coffee shops. It's Sunday already. I have been away for...3 days. So do you guys miss me? Ha :D As if you care right?By the way, I wanna share with you a joke. Perhaps you have heard it before. It's about Angel who can give you wishes.

Three guys are fishing on a lake when an angel appears in the boat with them. Of course all 3 of these geezers were utterly dumbstruck to see the angel. This angel wants to grant each of them a wish. The first guy gets over his shock and humbly says to the angel, "I've suffered from back pain for years. Is it too much to ask that you help me?" The angel touches the man's back and he feels instant relief.

The second guy then points to his Coke bottle glasses and asks if the angel could cure his poor eyesight. The angel approaches him and takes away the glasses. The angel tosses the man's glass into the lake. When they hit the water, the man's vision clears, and he can see everything distinctly. The angel now turns to the third guy, who throws up his hand in fear. "Don't touch me!" he cries. "I'm on disability pay!"

So what's your wish?

I'm not sure whether the 3rd guy is not being grateful or the other way round. His disability pay is a blessing in disguise for him because he doesn't have to work for money anymore. So once the angel "fix" him, he will be healthy again but minus his blessing-the money of course. Ha :D Sometimes our lives are like this too right? Something good meant for us might not be that good for us after all huh!

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