Friday, November 27, 2009

Colourful Samsung Corby

Samsung is certainly catching up fast with Nokia. The new Samsung Corby is aimed for those who wanna have a constantly refreshing "new" look for their gadget. Its bold dual-colour cover can be swapped with a funky patterned cover or simply an all black "skin", whichever that suits your daily moods and vibes. You will also have plenty of widgets at your disposal to toy around. So can this Samsung mobile snatch some of Nokia faithfuls away? Let's see then. :D

Nice, enormous screen aye. :p

I must admit the huge 2.8 inch QVGA TFT screen is really something but, the most noticeable appeal of Corby is its changeable, colourful Fashion Jackets that let users "dress" their phone according to their own mood and tone. Back of the Corby bends in a wide, sweeping curve that gives user a firm grip. So with this design, Corby is not only fashionable but also very pragmatic. You don't wanna slip your phone right? :p

Will colour do you fancy?

One of the special features in this phone is its so-called Smart Unlock. You can access your menu easily with Smart Unlock which is fortified with special security. You can unlock your phone via 3 different methods. Well, the first one is simply unlock, the second one is unlock and speed dial and the final and third one is unlock and run an application. Sounds pretty convenient to me. :)

How do you wanna unlock it?

Zoom me baby.

Samsung Corby is designed to rival iPhone. This means Corby will let users touch its "body" a lot with its Corby's TouchWiz interface. With its haptic feedback, you can be sure that you action will be accurately registered. Moreover One Finger Zoom allows you to zoom images up to 2 times the original size. This is certainly a plus while browsing a webpage with Corby right? Pretty nifty huh! So you don't need to squint your eyes anymore right?

Come touch me! :p

With 27 pre-installed widgets, and another 75 downloadable widgets for users to play around, Samsung Corby grants you access to your favourite social community sites. So now you can instantly log on to your Facebook no matter where you are. This Quad band phone also supports GPRS and EDGE. Too bad no WIFI, 3G and HSPDA huh. But well, for RM700 (US$230++) it is already a bargain right?

I wanna connect.

Samsung Corby is also your entertainment gizmo. Besides being a versatile music player, Corby has Bluetooth & high speed USB connection. Every phone these days must be equipped with a camera right? But I think the 2MP camera Corby has is simply insufficient for us. But, well, count our blessing right? And yeah, the most attractive features is its built-in, up-to-date dictionary. So you can use it while writing an email or while blogging. Not bad.

No more typo? :p

I guess that is all from me folks. This is a schedule post. My first time using Blogger Draft, hope it works. If you are reading this, I believe I am in a farm right now planting some trees. Ha :D

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