Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Going To Far, Far Away

In barely another 3 hours, I will leave Malacca. I'm going to leave behind the comfort of my home and travel to another home. The whole journey will take around 9 hours and at least 400KM. I'm not really sure though. My wife and I will be taking the express bus to head somewhere North. It is kinda exciting to be back to my wife's place. It is a very secluded place with lots of greeneries. There will be hills, lake and waterfall. is such a joy to be able to dwell at such a "sanctuaric" place. :p

Are we there yet?

I reckon there's no internet connection at this far, far away retreat. So I'm not going to update this blog of mine for at least 5 days. And of course I will not be able to visit your sites too (Like you care :p) If you guys can recall, last year, around this time I went MIA (Missing In Action) for a few days too right? I went to my another "home" too last year. It's a pity that I seldom go back to my wife's place. I'm sure my father-in-law will be happy to know that I'll be staying for a few days. After all I'm like his son that can help him around his "farm". :p

Yes...around 11p.m.

I'm a little worried about my daddy. But he will not alone. Bro will come back tonight to keep him accompany. Well, I'd better get going. There are still some packing I need to do. Hopefully the weather will be good when we embark later. It will be a long, tiring journey. Perhaps you guys might bump into me these few day? Nah...Until next week folks. Don't miss me ok. :D

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