Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jim Carrey Will Be A Grandpa

Jim Carrey will be a grandparent soon. Surprise! Surprise! All this while, whenever Jim Carrey appears in my mind-all I envision is him as this funny guy who runs around with his underwear on his head. But last week I read a news saying that he will a grandpa next year. Gosh! I didn't even know he has any children yet. And now his children is bearing a baby? How amazing. It is no secret that Jim Carrey is one of the actors that I admire the most. His antics never fails to tickles me. :)

Jim Carrey, the Proud papa!

I have grown up watching his movies and I love most of his masterpiece. And Jim's latest Yes Man is gotta one of the best. That aside, let's talk about his latest family affair. It was a very happy moment for our comedian, Jim, last week. Jim escorted his daughter, Jane Carrey, down the aisle at her wedding to musician Alex Santana. Jane is a rocker of Jane Carrey Band while Alex Santana is from the Blood Money band.

Alex Santana & Jane Carrey!
Both of them sure looks crazy to me. :p

Next March, Jane will be expecting for her first child while Jim will be a proud grandfather. And this is what Jim Carrey has got to say, "I am very excited, Jane is going to be a great mom." The man sure looks excited huh. After all he is going to be a grandpa at the age of 48. Not bad aye!

All the best Jane!

Jane who announced her pregnancy 4 months ago also revealed that their baby will be named Jackson Riley. What a weird name huh. I wonder if they named the baby after MJ? So let's see if Riley will be going to be just like funnyman, grandpa? :p

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