Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Perodua Alza-Malaysia's Hottest MPV?

Perodua Alza has finally rolled out from its cocoon! Eager Malaysians who have been waiting for Perodua's latest MPV will be delighted that the car has been launched. MPV lovers will be hoping that Perodua Alza can give Proton's Exora and Avanza a run for their money. The affordable Alza will give Malaysians extra reason to celebrate, so we will not have to be sardined anymore during our "Balik Kampung" trip. So have you guys visited Perodua showroom to witness the birth of Alza?

Perodua 1st MPV-Alza

First thing first, Alza actually means "to rise" in Spanish. Perhaps it denotes Perodua's intention to rise in the MPV market? It is funny to think that Perodua's babies are getting bigger and bigger don't you agree? First we have seen the tiny Kancil. Then the slightly bigger Kelisa. Later Viva was rolled out to replace both Kancil and Kelisa. Then came Perodua's hottest selling "cake" Myvi and their expensive Kembara replacement-Nautica. Finally, yesterday Alza was shelved out to meet our demand.

Inside Alza. What do you think?

Alza was incepted 3 years ago and only now Perodua has managed to make the available. Perhaps they are working on the price? Alza is the cheapest MPV to hit the road soon. Yep, it is cheaper than Proton's Exora. Of course their cheaper price tag is compromised by their smaller form factor. Although it is smaller than Proton's MPV, I strongly believe it is ok to fit in 5 adults and 2 kids.

What you see is what you get.

You can choose you Alza from 3 different colours, Classy Purple, Ivory White and Glittering Silver. Alza comes in 6 different variants and has a 1.5 litre engine under its hood. The normal, standard models will be sold around RM56,000 to RM60,000 while the premium models will fetch between RM61,000 to RM65,000. The high end Advanced version will cost around RM70k. The advanced version will have a complete bodykit, GPS with reverse camera (super awesome feature) and leather seats.

The Advanced version with its bodykit!

Actually it you look very closely, Alza is the larger version of Myvi. Since its dimension is much smaller compared to Exora, the third row is slightly "tighter" for some people. The second drawback about Alza is that it has ONLY ONE blower and dashboard air-conditioning vents are only available at the front. Hence those sitting at the back might suffer in the long run huh! This is a tad disappointing compared to Exora which has separate air-conditioning vents for their passengers.

Click & Watch the Interior of Alza Slideshow

So can Perodua Alza be Malaysia's hottest MPV? Honestly IMHO, the answer is a NO! Alza actually offers a lot of space if you DON'T use it as an MPV. But for its cheap price tag, Alza can actually become an alternative to sedans from other manufacturers. And don't forget to buy the premium version so that you'll get all the required safety equipments. Certainly Alza cannot replace or rival Proton's more spacious and comfortable Exora. And if you wanna fit 7 grown adults, you have to think twice.

So do you wanna get an Alza?

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