Monday, November 23, 2009

Live Like We Are Dying-Kris Allen

Still remember Kris Allen? Don't tell me you have forgotten about this American Idol Season 8 Champion? Of course some of you (including me) thought that he didn't deserve to win, but heck it was the votes that counted right? So for today's music let us listen to Kris Allen's latest song which is Live Like We Are Dying. I must admit that I kinda love this song of his. Although the title is a tad cliche, but the music itself is very enjoyable. See, Kris Allen is not that bad after all right? Of course Adam Lambert has outdone him if recent buzz and news were to be used as comparison.

Your clean cut idol!

However Kris claimed that he doesn't care if Adam is more popular than him. He said that he was perfectly fine for not being in the limelight as much as his second fiddle-Lambert. Adam recent stardom will certainly suggest otherwise right? Adam's Time For Miracles is the 2012 OST and it kinda shows off his mettle. Adam is a completely different singer. He loves the camera and he loves to stand out. In other words, Adam is more marketable than Kris!

He has the talent...but lack the buzz.

That aside, Live Like We Are Dying is one very catchy tune. Listen to it and you'll agree that it doesn't sound like we are dying at all right? The whole song feels like it wanna inspire us to live life to the fullest; it wanna motivate us to take more action and be more responsible with our own lives! The tune is infectious and I am actually grooving to it right now. Awesome number from Kris! Thumbs up for this one Allen and I'm already live like I am dying. LOL :D

Anyway I wish all of you have great Monday. So don't forget to live like you are dying ok! :p

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