Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This I Promise You

I wanna post this on Monday itself, but I guess my current hectic lifestyle and working schedule prohibit me from doing so. But well...since today I was able to be back home earlier than usual, I'm going to post this overdue Music Monday post. :p Still remember this song-This I Promise You? Do you know who used to sing it? Can you recall? I thing this is one of the most famous song back in year 2000. I was in form 3 I guess. This I Promise You is one of my all time favourite from the American Boy Band-N'Sync! Too bad they only lasted for a decade.


And today I wanna dedicate this special song to my lovely wife. Of course I have chosen this song because it is very meaningful and it can carry my message across very clearly. But more importantly it has nostalgic reasons behind it. I love to sing. You see when my wife and I were in University, we used to walk to our respective faculties. When we were walking, I would hold my wife's hand and sing to her. This I Promise You is one of the songs I always sang to her. :)

This I promise you. :D

Time flies. Now I am officially married to my wife and our lives have charted a new direction. Our path is now more obvious but at the same time it has grown to be more challenging. Both of us are going to stand tough and and face our obstacles and hurdles with arms wide open. And to my dear wife, "I want to let you know that from the 1st day until now (and till I'm dead) I will always love you. This I Promise You! :D

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