Monday, December 7, 2009

Now I'm Officially Married

All this while I have a wife but I'm not really married yet. But now I can proudly say that I am legally married with the one and only woman that I have ever loved in my entire life. Ha :D Some of you might be confused right? Because all this while I referred her as my wife even before we are real, legitimate spouses on paper. My bad for complicating my real status! So again I wanna announce to the Whole Wide World (WWW) that my dream has come true. I wanna thank God and my dearest late Mum for their blessing! :)

Fill in the form!

Some of you must be wondering why I call my wife, well "wife" long before we are married right? You see, a few weeks after my wife and I have gone steady, I called her my wife. At first she was reluctant that I address her as my wife because she said it makes her sound "old". But then later on she insisted that I refer her as my wife. So back then when I accidentally called her name instead of calling her Wifey, she would get very furious. :p

It is official!

Frankly I am a guy who is very, very serious in a relationship. I will only get together with a girl if she wanna commit in an "eternal" relationship with me. Ha :D Call me conservative or possessive, but this is what I am. Believe it or not, besides my dearest mommy I have only gone out with 2 girls on a one-on-one basis in my entire life. One was my former girlfriend while the other is of course none other than my one and only wife! I have always rejected girls' invitations who wanna ask me out. I guess that's why my colleagues call me weirdo. :p

I'll never ever leave you dear! :D

My colleagues, friends and my cousins still couldn't believe that this crazy lad, yours truly~lar, is not longer a bachelor! They say it is unbelievable. Is it? Hahaha :D Perhaps they thought I am relatively too young to get hitched at the age of 24? But I don't think so. The sooner the better, after all both me and my wifey are in "stable mode" already.

I gotta admit that I'm the luckiest guy in this world. Despite being not good-looking and short, my wife still want me to be her husband for life. I think the smartest thing I have ever done in my life is "duping" her to be my wife. Not only my wife is the most gorgeous woman in the world, she is also very intelligent, hardworking and very down to earth. Ha :D Damn I am lucky!

My wife-the most beautiful woman in this world!

I love you with all my heart wifey. I cannot live without you. I can't foresee the future but one thing for sure is I'm going to hold your hands and grow old with you. This is a promise that I will never ever break. I love you wifey. Muackk :X

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