Saturday, December 5, 2009

November 2009 Top Droppers

My bad! My bad! I'm unfashionably late with this post. I have too much to do right now. So many things are coming my way. Besides I have just came back from a long vacation and thus something hasn't really settle down yet. I'm sure a lot of you Entrecard Droppers are aware that they are offering 40k ad impression for $25. I dropped an email inquired more about the whole offer. If you guys thing that this Entrecard advertising offer is similar or better than that offered by Adgitize, than you are wrong! Your $25 will be gone is just a matter of 5 days. Yes, all the credits will be delivered within 5 days or a week MAX!

No disrespect to Entrecard but Adgitize will give you more Ad impression and ad clicks in a month for just $24. So Adgitize is actually giving you more value for your money if you are looking for more cost-effective ads-campaign and exposure. I have tried it and it really works for me. Likewise Entrecard is actually a different business model altogether compared to Adigitize. Entrecard has advantages that Adgitize didn't have such as the ability to have backlinks etc. Ok Enough about the ads thingy.

For November 2009 Top Droppers, the NO.1#, Top Jokes, Dropper will as usual receive 888EC credits while the other 9 top droppers will each receive 99EC credits. Not much, but I hope you'll find it useful. Ok, Gotta go folks! :D

So congratulation to all my top droppers. Thank you for dropping at Tekkaus. I really appreciate it folks. Again, thank you. :D

~First Commenter~