Thursday, December 10, 2009

Friendster Now Belongs To Malaysia's MOL

Friendster now belongs to Malaysia. Yes! It is true! Malaysia's MOL has acquired one of the most popular online social networking site. MOL Global Pte Ltd is Malaysia's premier online payment service provider. This acquisition will see MOL owning 100% of Friendster, which is the world NO.3# most popular internet social networking site. Although Friendster currently lags behind Facebook and Myspace, it is safe to claim that Friendster has their very own, strong legion of fans. The deal was not disclosed but Reuters quoted that Friendster will set MOL back at least US$100million which is RM340million! Wow, we Malaysian are quite rich aye! :p

It is official that Friendster is now MOL's property!

MOL and Friendster will combine together and effectively becomes Asia's largest end-to-end content, distribution and commerce network. Sounds like MOL wanna revive Friendster again huh! Right now Friendster has around 115 million registered users worldwide and 75 million are from South East Asia alone. That's why Friendster wanted a SEA company to acquire it I guess. Moreover MOL and Friendster had earlier (10th October 2009) announced their partnership to roll out Friendster Wallet, a prepaid payment method for users to buy virtual goods, games and gifts.

Even though Friendster is not as popular as Facebook, it is considered to be Facebook's older sibling. I am sure a lot of you are actually exposed to Friendster first before we got to know Facebookright? I still remember back in secondary school, I was a true Friendster-holic. I could spend hours per day toying with Friendster and wrote testimonials to my friends. Do you still remember?

Friendster now has WALL too!

Recently Friendster has been trying very, very hard to regain their ground from Facebook. Friendster has a new branding which includes their new logo, products and more interactive features. Their new arsenal of features include a shout wall which is something similar to Facebook. I hope under the new MOL leadership, Friendster can dethrone Facebook from SEA! Impossible? But I think it is achieveable!

Malaysia Boleh!


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