Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Am Studying Again!

If you are wondering why I barely update my blog and comment on your blogs, that is because I'm super busy right now. My apologize to all my readers who always follow my blog but didn't discover any new posts recently. My bad! My bad! It all boils down to bad time management on my part I guess. You see, starting from the 7th of December which was last Monday, I have been attending classes. My boss has sent me and a few colleagues to further our studies. We are now pursuing a diploma which is relevant to our job. :p

Seriously...I barely understand!

I can't believe that I am still studying after graduating from UKM last year. I thought that was it. But hey, life is about continuous learning right? Besides it is always good to improve ourselves constantly right? So for these 3 weeks, we are going to attend classes every single day. No rest day! Nothing! Our classes will start at 8a.m. and finish at 5p.m. every day. That's why I can barely blog and visit other blogs for these few days. Then on Sunday we will have exam! Crap!

But what to do? Still have to study!

To make life more miserable for me, some of exams are conducted in Mandarin! God help me. So of course a few of the lectures will be conducted in Mandarin. I guess it was a good thing that my parents sent me to Chinese primary school when I was young aye. Now it really comes in handy. Well, I'd better get going now. I need a lot of rest or else I will be nodding off in class tomorrow. :p Again, I'm sorry if I am unable to visit your blogs and sites for the time being. Don't take it personally ok.

~First Commenter~