Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Picnic In Farmville

After busy cleaning the farm, my father-in-law suggested that we should picnic in the farm. I was totally fine but my wife and her sister kinda reluctant to agree. But in the end all of us happily packed up went into the farm to have our glorious lunch amid the lush greeneries (plus some mosquitoes of course) :) Firstly, we would search for the perfect spot with lots of shade to block the sun ray. Then I grabbed a "parang" and slashed a few banana leaves as our makeshift mat. After everything was in place, we had our feast. :D

Banana leaves!

So what did we have? Let me thing...Pizza...Kentucky...McDonald...yeah right! We ate our delicious home-cooked foods. I believe we had the baba-nyonya's "ponteh", rendang chicken, fried spicy mee hoon and rice. As for drinks, we had Tropicana Orange Juice. :D The outing was not such a bad idea. Sometimes it is really good to be close to mother nature.

Let's makan (aka eat)!

Father-in-law enjoying his Tropicana juice. :p

My wife caught me napping...

Guess what I will post next? Still about what farmville? I don't know. Maybe.I haven't thing about it yet. :p

There's all folks. Burrrpppp....

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