Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I Did In The Real Farmville?

Earlier this month, I have blogged about my trip to Taiping right? It's been 1 whole month since I wrote anything about my visit to the secluded, peaceful land. No thanks to my 3 weeks of non-stop classes and exams. Nonetheless I am determined to blogged about it before 2009 comes to an end. As I mentioned earlier, at Taiping, I visited my father-in-law's farm a lot. Almost every day to be precise. When we were there, we did what we should do in the farm-FARMING! Ha :D Life in the farm is very slow and you can do everything according to your own snail pace.

"Guess what plant is this?"

First thing first before you guys misunderstood, this so-called "Farmville" that I am talking about is not your ordinary commercial farm land. It is actually a plot of small land bought by my father-in-law to do his mini-farming. He is not a farmer, mind you. :p At the farm land, my father-in-law and I did most of the stuff, while my wife and her sister were hanging around most of the time. Can't blame them though, the sun was blazing and ladies are so afraid of Mr. Sunny! Haha :D

So many things to do here.

Well, let me recalled what we did in the farm. Hmm...for starters we went to "harvest" some of the ripe rambutans. Then we fed the fishes, did some weeding, plant some seedlings etc. :D It was very enjoyable if you don't mind all the muds and dirts sticking to your face, and the sun. I was tanned of course but who cares? :)

My wife busy plucking the rambutans.

Father-in-law appreciating his rewards.

A lot of limau kasturi...I thing! :p

A good harvest indeed.

Here fishy~fishy~fishy!

Me, helping father-in-law fixing the fence.
Some culprits climbed over to steal our fruits. :(

My father-in-law even built a small rock shack in his farm. It is a 2-storey building. The construction has completed but there is still no electricity and water supply yet. I believe we will furnish it next year. This little shack here will be a place for us to rest. The 1st floor is basically for us to view end enjoy the whole farm scenery. :)

Our little shack. :)

Isn't it beautiful? Aww....

This slideshow might take a long time to load. :p

That's all for now folks. Until my next post. Stay tuned ok. I hope you guys don't find this post boring. I wanna have rest now. :)

See you later.