Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sacred Wild Boars In Kamunting!

Approximately one month ago, around this time...we had a date with a few wild boars in Taiping! After our dinner, my father-in-law brought us to an Indian temple near the forest. We parked our car and walked towards the temple. We saw a few express buses lining along the road. So happening aye. As we were heading towards the temple, there were throngs of visitors who were heading in the same direction as us. When we reached our destination, a lot of people were already there lining up to meet the so-called "sacred" wild boars. Will let you know why they are known as "sacred" boars.

Gotcha! :p

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about these wild boars right? It you live in Taiping, you will know that this special place is located near Tesco Kamunting right? Just a stone throw away. Ok, about these wild boars, they are relatively "tame" unlike the others WILD ones which will chase you if you bump into them in the jungle. So it is safe for you to interact with them.

Meet the "sacred" wild boars

Aren't they cute. :D

Do you know that there are a lot of people who visit these "sacred" boars to ask for "fortune"? Yes! Some of them came as far from Singapore to rub on these wild boars' luck. There are a few people who actually strike lottery and jackpot after touching these wild boars. Hence more and more people come to seek divine intervention from these wild boars to help change their destiny. :p

Shh....they are dreaming!

Because these wild boars are so used to the presence of human. They love to approach us and let us touch them. But one of the main reasons they wanna be close with us is because they can get free food. No need to hunt and search for foods anymore. :)

It is approaching the other visitors for food. :)

Look! The visitors passionately touch this sacred wild boar!
They wanna strike lottery! 发啊!

Aren't they cute? Haha :D So if you wanna see these "tame" wild boars in person, do drop by this temple when you are in Taiping ok. If you wanna strike lottery, don't forget to bring along your lottery "statement" ok, then you can rub it on these sacred boars. Who knows, you can be the next millionaire! Ha :) That's all from me folks.

The following are 3 videos we captured during our visit.
Watch these wild boars in action. :)

Thanks for reading this post folks. :)

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