Monday, December 28, 2009

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas!

It is Monday again folks. Oh~NOOOOOO! Bye bye Christmas and here comes the dreadful Monday blues again right? If you still can't shake it off, these funny cartoons might do the trick. As for me, I am still in my very own Christmas "mode" beause still have a few days off after my exam. So it was a justified reward for me, a gift from Santa. Ha :D Don't be jealous ok. Today I wanna share a Christmas song with all of you. It is a great number from Disney. Maybe you have heard it. It is a decade old already.

It is from the movie, Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas! I have always love Christmas tunes. It is just second to Chinese New Year songs IMHO. Christmas songs are upbeat and really cheerful. They are full of hopes and can really make you happy.

Let the Christmas spirit live on!

I still remember when I was working part-time in one of the cafes in Jonker Street, Christmas songs are beating all round. There was a couple of catchy Christmas songs that I like but too bad I can't find it in Youtube. It sounds something like this..."last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day, you take it away~" Ha :D Anyone knows the title of this song? :p

Have a nice day everyone and enjoy your Monday. :)

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