Monday, December 28, 2009

Merci & Bon Voyage Entrecard

First thing first, 'merci' is the French word for 'thank you', while 'bon voyage' is the French word for 'good journey'. So the title of the post is actually-Thank You & Goodbye Entrecard. Actually I have been waiting to write about this post for a long, long time. I procrastinated and dragged...but now, it seems that it is inevitable for me to pen down (type) my FINAL words for Entrecard. Yes, in another few more days I am going to bade farewell to Entrecard who has helped me a lot in my blogging journey. No doubt about it.

Watch the clip below to know more about Entrecard

It is a hard decision on my part. But I guess it is time for me to part my way with Entrecard. Some of you might already see this coming right? If you are attentive, you would have noticed that I have been advertising on a lot of sites recently. Plus, these few days I have been rejecting lots of ads from you guys. My apologise. This is the last month I will be with Entrecard. 2010, I will chart a different course without them.

It's time to move on.

Some of you might ask, why would I wanna leave Entrecard if it is really that good right? Honestly, Entrecard is a great marketing tool for both advanced and beginner-level bloggers and webmasters. The exposure you will get from Entrecard is really awesome. Along the way, you'll get to meet lots of like-minded bloggers who will in turn become your true friends. Entrecard not only allows you promote your blog/website, it also allows you to communicate and socialize with the other members.

Some love Entrecard so much that
they dream about Entrecard. :p

One thing I like the most about Entrecard is that I can learn a lot from other bloggers from around the world. When I visit other members' sites, I learn from them a lot of stuff about blogging, making money online, so on and so forth. Sometimes by reading their posts, I manage to come up with ideas for my next post. I have to admit that Entrecard is truly a fun "playground" that teaches me a lot.

It is very time consuming!

But recently I realized that I can no longer fully utilize Entrecard anymore. One of the main reasons is TIME. I remember that I started using Entrecard when I was still studying in university. Back then, of course I have ample of time for me to use Entrecard. But this year after I officially started my full time job, I can hardly use Entrecard anymore. So it is best for me to leave.

It's a hard decision for me...

So does that means Entrecard is not for everyone? I would say yes. Not everyone can really appreciate the benefits of Entrecard, especially they are tight on the clock. But if you have a lot of time at your disposal, I would recommend you to use Entrecard. Of course, Entrecard is not without its faults and flaws. IMHO, the following are the pros and cons of Entrecard:

Thumbs Up For Entrecard:
1~A great marketing/promotional tool.
2~An excellent place to socialize with like-minded people.
3~An awesome place to learn and grow.
4~It's FREE.

Thumbs Down For Entrecard:
1~Very, very time-consuming (Especially if your broadband sucks).
2~Most of the Entrecard dropper don't read your blog.
3~Will lead to high bounce rate.
4~Entrecard business model is relatively NOT FAIR. When you advertise, (50%) half of your hard-earned credits will go to Entrecard and not to the blog/sites you advertise on.

I guess that's about it from me. Last but not least I wanna thank Entrecard again for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow. I'm no longer a young weakling anymore, and my "wings" are strong enough right now. It's time for me to spread my wings and embark on a new journey. Thank you for you care and love Entrecard. I wish you all the best. Merci & Bon Voyage!

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