Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Was Spotted By Another Blogger In Seoul Garden!

Still remember what I did this Christmas, which was 4 days ago? I told you guys that after my exam, me and my wifey went to Mahkota Parade's Seoul Garden to have a feast right? Yesterday I receive a comment from Christopherism, saying that he caught me red-handed in Seoul Garden while I was busy devouring my foods. I was spotted during Christmas time. My bad! My bad! I couldn't really figure out it was him back then. After all, my eyes are stuck to the foods on the table and of course my wife. LOL :D

The above is the comment he left on my blog. Actually I am a little happy you know. Why? Because this is the first time I have ever been spotted by another blogger. In his blog, he said that I was lovey-dovey-ing with my wife. Opps! He caught me in the action alright! Like Christopherism said, it is a small world after all aye. Agree bro. :)

I was between their pretty faces. Ha :D

I have just received this from Chris.
Aw~my lovely wife. :p

Ok, I gotta go folks. Now me and my wife better be on our toes next time around when we are outside. So that we can be well-prepared for your invasion. Or at least we can pose better right? "Be~pai~seh!" Haha :D It's time for breakfast.

~First Commenter~