Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Men Prefer Sex Dolls To Women

Warning: This is a sexist post which might not be well received by everyone. If you hate this type of post, please do not continue. Children below 13 should seek parents' permission before you read this post. Relatively explicit contents and graphics ahead. Read at your own risk or evacuate immediately!

Ok, let's face it guys. Nowadays it is getting harder to approach some girls, ladies or women right? Do you agree? Either because some ladies are getting more "high-maintenance" or we are just plain lazy to put in more efforts. So some of us started to take the easy route and seek our love in the fantasy world. And in Japanese these people are known as Otaku 2-D lovers.

Welcome to Otaku's fantasy!

So what is Otaku? Otaku will develop romantic feelings for non-living things *eyes rolled*! Simply put Otaku refers to people who have obsessive interests particularly video games, anime and the latest one-sex dolls! In American we will labeled them as geek. This worrying trend is becoming more obvious in Japan. And Ta Bao (he guy below in the green shirt) is one of these Otakus.

Wow! Ta Bao has so many dolls to play with!

You see, Ta Bao is a 45 years old engineer who owns US$170k of Sex Dolls (Yeah! He is rich)! He claimed that he had completely given up on real life women. Sounds like he had a few terrible relationships huh. Here's what he had to say, "A girl can cheat or betray you, but these dolls will never do those things." But each of these so sex dolls or more fondly known as Candy Girl doesn't come cheap. Some of these dolls comes with a US$6,500 price tag!

Candy Girl's crown Jewel-Rosa!

And you can even customize your very own sex dolls. Take example, Rosa. Rosa is a well endowed (or buxom) beauty, but with beautifully subtle features that are surely Japanese. Otaku lovers can choose from a wide selection of faces and hair pieces. And of course everything about Rosa's body makes every Otaku feels like a real man. I guess that's why more men are turning to these sex dolls?

That's why more men prefer them.

Let's get back to our Otaku friend here-Ta Bao. Wanna know how his daily life is? Well, after his normal 9-5 engineering job, Ta Bao returns home and "greets" his girlfriends (a~la, those sex dolls) by their individual names. Then he bathes them, powders them, and finally gets them "ready for bed" by dressing them with lingeries. Ta Bao sure is loving aye. Although some might see Ta Bao as a blatant weirdo, this sort of behaviour has slowly becomes a norm for similar otakus just like him.

One of Ta Bao's faithful girlfriends?

So who's to blame? Is it because men are becoming more lazy? Or is it because the ladies are more dominant nowadays and hardly pay attention to the men? I don't know. But one of the employer of the sex dolls manufacturer-Orient Industries, said, "More men are finding themselves to be miserable, so we are making these dolls to support them."

Are Otakus sick?

Then again, is this happening to the ladies too? According to Lisa Katayama, who is a New York Times writer, "more than 25% of single men and women aged between 30-34 are virgins." This means that a lot of Japanese are actually sexually inexperienced. Hence they turn to sex dolls? I hope all of us will not be as hopeless as these Otakus. And I certainly don't wanna see this "plague" invade our shores.

The following is a video clip about sex dolls and the live of an Otaku! Watch at your own risk and you need to be "old" enough to view it.

Then again, these sex dolls should be made available to stop the increasing number of rapist and those who frequent brothels a lot. This in turn can reduce crime rates, unwanted babies and sexually transmitted disease don't you agree? What say you then?