Sunday, December 27, 2009

Funny Christmas Cartoons To Lighten You Up!

For most of us, the remaining few hours mark the "residue" of our Christmas holidays right? Tomorrow will be Monday again, and most of us will have to return to our normal daily routine. I can sense the dreaded Monday blue in some of you right now. So much for your Christmas break huh! But I guess it is ok, since all of us had our well-deserved rest. But before you go to work tomorrow, I would like to share a few funny Christmas cartoons to beta the blue. I'm sure Santa Claus, Reindeer, Mr. Frosty, and co. will do a good job to crack you. :)

Now you know!

Ever wonder what happened to your Christmas gifts? Or what happened to your Christmas tree and Mr. Frosty when you are not around? This is it. :p

I hope the above cartoons sorta cheer you up. It certainly brighten up my day. I hope it can cast the same magic for you. Again, have a great day folks. :D