Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Captivating Christmas Carol That Everyone Should Watch

*Sniff! Sniff!* Aww...I can still feel that Christmas is in the air. Good morning everyone. It is a great Sunday morning right? Some of you might be in Church already, basking in the the glory of Noel! Honestly, Christmas is a very special festival for me. To me, it is a very meaningful occasion where all of us be merry and happy. And what more if the whole family can sit down together and watch a heart-warming movie right? For this Christmas, I highly recommend you to watch Disney's A Christmas Carol. :) Have you watched it?

Awesome poster!

I watched this movie with my wife earlier this month. My expectation for Christmas Carol is not very high but after watching it, I thought it is a great movie. As some of you know, it is an adaptation of Charles Dickens' 1843 novella. I love the movie a lot and the 3D is very vivid and breathtaking. The film was produced through the process of performance capture which is used in both The Polar Express and Beowulf. Rest assure that you'll have a scintillating 3D journey.

Yeah! We know you are stingy Scrooge!

The movie stars Jim Carrey in a multitude of roles, which includes the young, middle-aged and old Ebenezer Scrooge. And guess what? Carrey even role played the 3 different Christmas ghosts who haunt himself-Scrooge. So all in all Jim Carrey is the voice of 6 different characters. The story tells about Scrooge, who is well...a stingy and miserable moneylender. Scrooge hates Christmas so much and he doesn't want to celebrate it.

Who is Scrooge looking at?

So on Christmas Eve, 3 different Christmas ghosts haunted Scrooge. And ultimately if he doesn't repent, he will be dead! The 3 different ghosts are so distinct and so funny...except the final one maybe. Knowing Carrey, you know that this Christmas Carol will be a hilarious one. A very touching movie that you should not miss this Noel. So how will this movie end? Wanna know? Go watch A Christmas Carol yourself! :)

Aww...happy ending. :)

A must watch movie during Christmas: A Christmas Carol!

Merry Christmas everyone!