Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 Santas: My Christmas Gift From Hong Kong

I can feel that a lot of us are still very much in Christmas mood right? Just came back from the shopping mall to do some errands. The traffic was so massive. There were so many people flocking in and out of the malls. I guess we still wanna bask in this Christmas spirit huh! Christmas is all about giving right? So did you receive a lot of gifts folks? What have you received? A PSP? A new mobile phone or a new laptop? :p As for me, I have received an early Christmas gift from my blogging pal-Wenn! So thank you to Wenn for her Christmas gift. :p

Hello Santa Claus!

I opened the package and I found not 1, not 2 but 3 Santa Clauses waiting for me. It is a lovely key chain. My gratitude to Wenn for being so thoughtful. The best thing is, these iconic noel mascots are from Hong Kong! Ouh~Yeah! :) so cute. :D

By the way I have to admit that the card is gorgeous. The Santa is so cute and animated. My wife finds the 3 little Santas very cute. So she had hooked it to her car keys. :p

Again, thanks Wenn for the 3 little Santas.