Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why Butcher These Poor Dogs?

I received an email yesterday that immediately infuriated me! The title of the post reads, "Dog Butchery!" Perhaps you have seen it too. I scrolled down and I was taken aback with what I saw. Blood drained from my face. I was speechless with what I have just witnessed. All these while I have heard about it, but yesterday my eyes were opened. It let me realized how cruel we human are. We have already enslave live stocks such as chickens, ducks, cow, goat and pig! And now we want to exploit our best friend-dog?

What had become of us?

Are we still...


Since when we have became cold-blooded beast? Where is our heart? Don't we ever feel grateful at all? Why our we slaughtering these poor dogs? Of course a few of these canines have mauled several unfortunate victims. But I believe most of them have helped us a lot in our daily lives. They help us to look after our homes; they help us to look after our farms; they help us to ward off bad guys; they help us sniff out drugs and bomb; they dedicated their lives for the blind and disable in their daily lives! Some of them even sacrificed their own lives for us. And yet this is how we repay their undivided love and loyalty?

Humans are so disrespectful of other God's creation! Although we are endowed with the ability to emphatize, we still kill the others without any mercy. I think we are so idiotic and full of ourselves! We only care about our own fu*king welfare. Why we are so barbaric? How could we yield a knife and slaughter our best friend without even a second thought? Here are a few collection of photos that depict how savage, diabolical, heinous, abominable, monstrous, devilish, atrocious, vile, hideous and ghastly we humans really are!!!

What I am about to show you is REAL!

If you are not ready for this...

PLEASE close this page right now!

All these pictures we taken at a butchery! Our poor furry friends have no where to run. They can only watch helplessly as each and everyone of them are being brutally murdered! So are going to save them?

Yes! Those are their corpses.

They have no where to go...

The "thing" that they all fear of!

Look at how we treat them?

The poor dog was helpless!

Its throat was slit! :(

Even little puppies are not spared!

OMG! Their skinned body!

They felt so hopeless already.

Why are we doing this?

Can you see their tears?


I believe you are equally angry with these devious butchery of our best friend right? I hope...we could stop this merciless massacre as soon as possible! I plead that we could all spread this message and may related the authorities or countries stop the trade of dog! :(