Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Face Was Grazed...

"Oh no!" I said. The moment one of my friends hit my face, I knew something bad had happened. I could feel a sharp pain on my face. I touched my right cheek and I knew I was going to have a hard time "later". Apparently, one of my friends had accidentally "scratched" my face while he was trying (in vain) to steal the basketball away from me. Guess I was moving too fast for him and he ended up with my face. Ouch! He immediately apologized and I was not angry at all. Instead I WAS worried...

I'm sorry wifey! :(

I was so damn terrified! Why? So what made me terrified an worried? Well...I was afraid that my wife would be angry with me. My beloved, dearest wife has never like the idea of me playing basketball, football or whatever sports that might injure me! She just hates to see me getting wounded. The problem is...I love sports especially basketball! I can't really help it.

Almost look like a Nike ler!

True soon as I reached home yesterday...I was in for a torrid time! I had to face the music and I kept quiet all the time. I'm not angry at all with my wife, as I know she was angry because she loves me a lot! So I tried my best to calm my wife down. I felt terribly sorry for making my wife I basketball for me for the time being! :(

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