Friday, October 9, 2009

Ravage Transformer USB Drive!

Almost everyone of us has at least one USB drive right? I mean nowadays USB storage are so common and they are getting more and more affordable. Even school kids have a few to flaunt! So what we really need right now, is a USB drive that is more than meet the eyes. One that can instantly grab our intention when you take it out from your pocket; one that really makes you go, "Waaaarrrrr!". Ha :D So have you chance upon this kind of gem yet? I have not...until recently! All this while, I thought they couldn't come up with a special design for our USB drive. How wrong was I.

Uber cool! Certainly more than meet my eyes. :p

Enter the Ravage Transformer USB drive! The first time I stumbled upon it, I was like, "Is this really a USB drive?" I couldn't believe what my eyes are seeing. No doubt this is the most awesome USB drive ever. This baby here can transform from a normal, lame-looking USB drive to a savage Decepticon cat! However this novelty comes with a steep price. Ravage will definitely burn a hole and your pocket and set you back another insane US$43! Damn expensive huh! But I believe avid collectors will be more than happy to fork out their money for this feline.

Yeah! The "real" Ravage is more ferocious!

Perhaps you could flaunt it to your colleagues or just toy around with it during your coffee break. Heck! It could even be your toy right? Don't you think it could be a great gift during the Christmas? Though an expensive one. You can grab your very own Transformer Ravage USB Drive at! seems that everything can be transformized huh. I wonder if they will roll out any Optimus Prime USB Drive? :p

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