Thursday, October 8, 2009

Will Malaysia Be Ganyang-ed Today?

Today is 8th of October and it is the date which Adian Napitupulu claimed that Malaysia will be ganyang-ed (crushed) by Indonesians! So far there's no news of any movement, and they still have another say...3 hours to do so? Some of you might be bemused by this vigilante group's threat, but I was utterly angry and worried. Why? Because I know how crazy some of these Indonesians can be. Some of them are downright wild and barbaric! If this is just a joke or rumour...then I would be really glad! But I thing, that's not the case!

This threat was spearheaded by a vigilante group called Bendera (Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat or People's Democratic Defence). We have already witnessed how malice these group could be. On the 8th of September, a dozen of these Bendera Vigilantes clad in red and white (colour of Indonesian flag) and armed with sharpened bamboo sticks set up their own roadblocks at Menteng in central Jakarta and checked ID card of passers-by to screen for Malaysians. Thank goodness they failed to find any. But what if they did? What will they do to the poor, innocent Malaysians?

One month after "sweeping" for Malaysians in Jakarta, they are now trying to crush Malaysia and bring us down on our knees begging for mercy from them. Today, 8th of October is their D-Day to avenge all wrongs committed by Malaysia against Indonesia. So what have we done then? I thing the Indonesian criminals terrorizing our land are doing more damage than what we could do right?

Adian Napitupulu: BENDERA's leader!

They claimed we have stolen their islands (Sipadan, Ligitan and Jemur); they alleged that we had robbed their Indonesian cultural heritage and abusing Indonesian workers. Even if we have did that, does this means they have the right to attack us? Does this mean they could go around, attack and even kill us? Who on earth do they thing they are?

Here's more: 6 weeks ago, 10 spies have infiltrated Malaysia to build a network among Indonesian workers. They claimed that these 10 spies have managed to convince 1.45million Indonesians (maids, construction and plantation workers) to BURN their workplace once the confrontation against Malaysia is ignited! Gosh? How come they are so evil?

Do you want more? OK: They also claimed that today, 300 Indonesians trained in invulnerable skill which makes them invincible to sharp objects and bullets will attack and invade towns in the island of Borneo! Then in another 6 to 8 months KL would be in their claws too or so they claimed. You see how insane these barbarians are? And yet they say they are the righteous ones. Sounds they are more like wicked demons to me.

Yeah! They are recruiting!

I really don't know what more I can say? Indonesia were hit by earthquake that have snatched away thousands of innocent lives! Malaysia has sent so many aid for these unfortunate victims. We have sent food, clean water supply and millions of Malaysians have donated to them. YET! They wanna attack us? These BENDERA vigilantes are really ungrateful! Instead of helping their fellow Indonesian quake victims, they are busy trying to ganyang us! They are not even trying to HELP their own countrymen! What they wanted is bloodshed! They are really a disgrace to their own nation! What more can I say about them?

~First Commenter~