Friday, October 2, 2009

Sep 2009 Top Droppers!

I can't believe this is my second post about Top Dropper already! How time flies huh! A lot of things have been happening in Entrecard. Since being taken over by a new owner, a storm is brewing in Entrecard. And it seems like the worse has yet to come. Now Entrecard will reserve 15% of its inventory for sponsored (paid) Ads. Of course a lot of people is not happy and they are threatening to leave Entrecard. Well, I was a little upset too, but then again...nothing is free anymore right? So whether or not Entrecard will suffer for its users backlash remain to be seen. Perhaps this could also be my last Top Dropper post. I might opt up too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Ok! Enough about the drama. Let's continue with the purpose of this blog. As usual the 10 Top Droppers will receive backlink from this blog. As you guys know, Tekkaus is a do-follow PR4 blog with an Alexa Rank of 108,997! Although nothing to shout about, but I believe I could give some value to my top droppers in terms of SEO!

What's more for them? Well, the number 1# dropper, will receive 888 EC credits, while the other 9 will each receive 99 EC credits. Again, I know these credits might mean nothing to them...but it is a since gift from me. :)

Sep 2009 Top Droppers are...

Well! That brings the curtain down for this post! I hope you guys will continue to drop here. Besides that I wish Entrecard could come out with a better win-win solution for all of us. :p Until we meet again next month folks. :)

~First Commenter~