Friday, October 2, 2009

Facts & Figures About China That I Don't Know!

Do you know yesterday was officially the 60th year where the People's Republic of China, the government have been established. I didn't even know about it. On 1st of October 1949, Mao Zedong announced the advent of new era for China! For those who still have memories about the historic old days before the 1949 liberation, yesterday's annual holiday remains a great cause for celebration. Before the communist came to power, millions of Chinese struggled to survive in a traumatised, war-torn country! Life was really harsh back then.

But after liberation, lives improved tremendously! The rising living standards in China and the country's re-emergence as a global economic, military and political power really makes everyone in China beem with pride. No one have foreseen this. More so when so many people thought that China was a poverty stricken county a 3 decades ago. But all that had changed, thanks to Mao Zedong!

Mao Zedong!

Anyway here are some facts and figures about China that I don't have the slightest idea at all! I'm so ignorant huh! After all China is the land where my forefather came from. But I'm a pure, genuine made in Malaysia citizen and I'm proud of it! Now let's talk about what I don't know. Gosh...this post is becoming more like a guide about China huh! :p

Facts & Figures About China That I Don't Know!

Geography: China is the world's 4th largest country, spanning 9.6 million sqkm of central and eastern Asia, with 14,5000km of coastline. It borders a total of 14 countries which include Russia, Vietnam and India. just to name a few.

Population: There are around a whopping 1.3 billion people (That is how many times more than Malaysia?). And there are 56 ethnic groups including the majority Han Chinese, and minorities such as the Tibetans, mainly Muslim Uighurs and Mongols.

Religion: Get this-The Chinese are officially atheist. I totally didn't expect this as I thought most of them are Buddhist. But of those who practise religion, most are Taoist or Buddhist, 3% to 4% are Christian, and between 1% and 2% are Muslim.

Government: Communist state, one party. Parliament is the unicameral, 2,898-strong National People's Congress (NPC), which meets for a full session once a year.

Armed forces: With 2.3 million soldiers, China's Army is the world's largest military. That's why the Americans dare not wanna piss the Chinese off. Do you know that China's defense spending rose 15.3% in 2009 to US$69bil. Gosh, the defense budget alone is already that astonishing!

Economy: World's third largest economy after the US and Japan. In 2008, GDP was US$4.4tril-a growth of 9% from a year earlier. Although China too, felt the ripples of the global financial crisis, they are still expected to hit about 8% growth this year. And do you know that China also has the world largest foreign exchange reserves at US$2.13tril.

OMG! There are so many things about China that I don't know. I must be damn ignorant or you could assume I flopped in School huh! :p All in all China is really a rich and powerful country right now. In another few years time, I believe China will surpass US and Japan! But...I still love Malaysia more than any other country! Muack :p

Anyway Happy Belated 60th Birthday China!

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