Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dried Cuttlefish Cause CANCER!

Warning! Those who loves eating dried cuttlefish will be sad and angry to read about this. Now you need to add another of your favourite tidbits into your "cancer-inducing foods" list! Our country's renowned CAP (Consumer Association of Penang) has confirmed that those dried seafood is highly contaminated with a toxic metal known as Cadmium. The result came after they made a test on these foods. Crap! Dried Cuttlefish was one of my ideal snacks. Gosh...that means I gonna get cancer? :(

Poison from the sea!

CAP apparently carried our random tests on cuttlefish samples and they discovered that the level of cadmium exceeded the allowed safety range. The amount of the toxic metal detected ranged from 0.33 to 4.33 parts per million (ppm) although the Food Regulations 1985 clearly stated that it should not exceed 1.00ppm. In the past CAP has also found out that the dried cuttlefish in the market is not safe for consumption. Yet...these deadly foods are still widely available to consumers.

Beautiful and yet...deadly Cadmium!

So what is Cadmium? Well...basically it is used in galvanising and electroplatin batteries, production of alloys, pigments and plastics (WHAT?), and in the stabilization of phosphate fertiliser. And we are eating Cadmium? Literally? I believe the cuttlefish are contaminated in the seas and oceans because of cadmium release from metal smelters. OMG! Perhaps all the sea creatures are contaminated?

Prevention is better than cure.

Here's the scary part: it has been suggested that exposure to cadmium could result in an increased rate of breast and prostate cancer. So beware folks, you don't wanna have cancer right? So better refrain from eating dried cuttlefish or if possible all dried seafood for we may never know what it deals with in the bottom of the sea. better safe than sorry!

No! I don't want to be grabbed! :(

I am getting more worried day by day thinking which food is safe to be consumed. This really makes me have second thought about the food I'm about you?

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