Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mooncakes...Another 3 More Days...

Yes, another 3 more days I could sink my teeth those mooncakes that I have bought. Muahahaha :D I believe a lot of you regardless of your religion have eaten quite a few of these unique Chinese pastries right? You folks must be thinking why on earth I have to wait another 3 more days? Why can't I just tear open the wrappers and gobble down all those delicacies down my throat? The first reason is because our Mid-Autumn Festival falls on this Saturday. The second reason is because we want to offer those yummy-licious mooncakes to mommy dearest first during our prayers. :)

Which one should I eat first?

Well, 3 more days will be gone in a blink right! Of course I can wait. These few days me and wifey had been hunting high and low for special mooncakes to eat. Our search came to an end yesterday. We have spent almost RM130 buying these must have yet overpriced dainty! So I guessed this is it. Anyway let me show you guys what we can devour in another 72 hours! Muahaha :D Sorry! Can't help it.

Baker's Cottage


Tzu Chi!

Wanna know what's inside of these crusty layers? You just gotta wait a wee bit longer. Wanna know what flavours I have chose? See for yourself in my coming post. :)

P.S.: Somehow I still wish I can lay my hands on those Starbucks' Mooncakes!

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