Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My 1st Coca-Cola Contour Glass!

Everyone is talking about it! They were in the newspaper; they appeared in a lot of blogs as advertorials; a lot of people have been talking about it and surely the Malaysian blogosphere is starting to talk about it too. They are back. The fabled Coca-Cola contour glass which all walks of life recognize has finally made its comeback! And this time around they returned with 7 different vibrant colours. And today, it is my turn to brag about my very own Coca-Cola Contour glass! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my Perky Pink Contour Glass! Woot! Woot!

Which one reflects you?

I don't know why I am so crazy for Coca-cola contour glass! It is as if these glasses have some mythical magic that enticed us...seduced us into buying it. I was a victim too. I first got to know about them through blog advertorial. And ever since then I have been going ga-ga over it! And last week...I knew my lust for it was too hard to contain anymore. I rode my bike and stormed into McDonald to grab one of those prized glasses!

My Filet-O-Fish Contour Meal!

So how do you get your very Coca-Cola Contour glass? Do you have to buy it? Nope! Don't worry. You can grab all 7 of your Coca-Cola Contour glasses for FREE just by ordering your coke Contour Glass Meal. The Coke Contour Glass Meal is actually the Large McValue Meal plus one sundae ice cream. Upon ordering this meal you'll get your own Coke Glass. Easy right?

Last Saturday, my wife couldn't accompany me to MacDonald since she was still working then. Hence I went to MacDonald alone! I ordered the large Filet-O-Fish McSaver meal and chose the chocolate sundae as my dessert. Then the cashier handed me what I came knocking for-the Coke Contour Glass! I carefully carried my meal together with the fragile glass to my seat. I put it on the table and gaze at it for awhile.


I open the box...there it was...standing elegantly on the dining table! Now the Coca-Cola Contour Glass is MINE! MINE! Muahahaha :D I happily munch my fries, devour my filet-o-fish burger, sip my large Coke and lick my chocolatety Sundae...while admiring my Perky Pink in my hand. I simply can't get my eyes off it. :p

Can't get my eyes off you baby!

You know what folks? I have decided to get all 7 Coca-Cola Contour Glass. Yep! I don't know why, but this is the first I have ever wanted to have my very own collectibles. Up next! Cool Blue. How about you guys? Have you gotten your own glass yet? :p

You are next Cool Blue!