Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Believe I Can Fly

Yesterday marked the first day of working for a few of us right? Enjoyed your Raya break everyone? After having a one week break, I still couldn't shake off my Monday blues. That was why I didn't post anything yesterday. Or maybe I was too lazy. :p Well, now it is back to the usual hustle and bustle again. Our next public holiday will be in another 3 weeks time. Yay! Can't wait for my neighbour's invitation. Banana leaves...*drooling* :p

3 more weeks!

Ok! Enough about food and holidays. Today I wanted to share with you guys a song that have never failed to give me the extra springs in my life-R. Kelly's I Believe I Cab Fly! This gotta be one of my all-time favourite songs. Why? You see...I first got to know about this song when I was like...11 years old. Back then I went to KL and my God mother bought me a movie called Spam Jam. I love the movie so much and I played the videotape again and again!

A great watch!

Space Jam featured the legendary Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny! Have you watched it? The movie was about basketball of course. That's why I was so crazy with this movie back then. Now, let's zap back to the music of the week. Despite being controversial, R. Kelly is still the best singer to bring I Believe I Can Fly to live. This song brings lots of fond memories to me. But what I love about it is the lesson it tries to show us.

Never stop believing yourself!

I literally weave this song into my life! Although I am not flying...yet, but I believe I have always gave my very best in whatever I do. Whenever I am down, this song has never failed to lift me up and kick me in the butt! When all else fails, we should never doubt ourselves. We must always believe that we can fly! Ha :D Ok guys...I wanna fly right now. That's all from me. Have a nice day!

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