Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buffet Lunch At Seoul Garden!

Today's post is about our buffet lunch at Seoul Garden. This restaurant is located in Mahkota Parade, it is beside Nandos! Actually wife dearest and me have been there twice this year, and the latest was before the Raya break. It was my wife who treated me on both occasions. Ha :D Sometimes when wifey and me are too tired to cook on weekends, both of us will be on the road prowling for food. So on one fine Saturday, we decided to taste some Korean Buffet! Hence we drove to Mahkota Parade and ended up in Seoul Garden!

First up! Grab as much food as you can!

The first thing we need to do in Seoul Garden is of course pay for our entrance. We were charged RM27 per person since it was weekends. Then we were asked if we wanted to have free flow drinks? We agreed and we need to pay another extra RM4 per person. Then they will ask us what flavour of "soup" do we want and if we chose the special soup (tom yam etc.), we will need to fork out another RM10! War...sounds pretty expensive huh! But trust me, it is better to take the Tom Yam soup as it is more flavourful!


After that we were directed to our respective seats! Then the waiter will help us to set up the "wok" and voila we were raring to go! Thereafter everything is self-service. Yupe! We need to do everything manually, on our own. But no complains as we enjoyed it very much. Then both of us would grab as much "raw" food that we could and return to our seats. Muahahaha :D Let the feast begun!

It's to eat~lar!

We took lots of chicken meats marinated with different flavours! We even had lambs, dory fillets and squids! We started to fry our foods on our own. The main reason we enjoyed dining in Seoul Garden is because we could cook our food on our own and that is the fun part. Wifey and I chit chat while waiting for our food to be cooked. Aww...I savour every moment of it. The satisfaction we derived from cooking our own food is simply marvelous! Ha :p many choices for me!

Wifey and I could be there up to 3 hours eating, eating and eating! My....both of us can really eat huh! LOL :D After filling ourselves with main dishes, we decided to proceed with mouth washers. We had ice creams and desserts, and I ate a few bowls of course. Burrpppp Ha :D

Desserts anyone?

All in all Seoul Garden is a great place for those who enjoy buffet. First timers will be delighted with what Seoul Garden can offer, but those regular buffer-ters will find it a tad disappointing. One of the reasons is because the variety in Seoul Garden is too limited! I'm sure those who are from KL will find be amused to be in Seoul Garden, Malacca! Some might even considered it as low-class buffet! :p

Thank you my dear.

Well, I guess that is all from me folks. I am grateful that my wife treated me at Seoul Garden. Both of us had quality time together. We joked, talked to each other about our future plans and most importantly we get to eat all the food we want! So thank you my beloved wifey! :D

For more pictures, click the below slideshow! :)