Saturday, October 24, 2009

Of Flint's Cloudy Meatballs And Umbrella!

Last Wednesday after we have taken our dinner, dearest wifey and I rushed to Dataran Pahlawan to catch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Actually we wanted to watch the movie because we wanna get our hands on GSC special offers. By Purchasing their so-called Limited Edition Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball large caramel with coca-cola and most importantly their special umbrella! Yeah! :D Sometimes me and my wife love to collect some stuff we reckon worth collecting.

We spent RM15 for the combo just to grab our Umbrella decorated with meatballs and hamburgers. But don't be fooled ok. We actually paid RM7 to get this special umbrella because the normal Popcorn caramel with 2 large cokes only cost around RM8++! But since my wife wanted it so badly, no complains. LOL :D

An eye-catching umbrella aye?

Then off we snuggled into our seats. Apparently we "log in" too early and there was nothing for us to watch except the huge dark screen. Then I asked my lovely wife to snap a photo of me in the cinema...which is prohibited. Don't do this ok. :p

While waiting for the movie. :)

While waiting for the movie to start, my wife and I happily munching the the meatballs and sipped our large coca-cola. :p Honestly I didn't have any high expectation for this movie since the trailer didn't really attract me and the idea of food falling from the sky sounded a little ridiculous for me. But once the film started to roll, I knew how wrong was I.

It's raining meatballs!

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball is really a weird and long name for a movie right? But do you know this animation was actually adapted from a 1978 children's book? The movie tells a story of Flint Lookwood who wanted to be a famous inventor. During his tender age, he had invented Spray-on shoes (which never comes off), walking TV, rats with wings...and his latest one which promises to propel him into fame-Food Maker!

Flint with his "Food Maker"!

The Food Maker that Flint invented actually had a really, really long name which I am not going to tell you. One day while trying to bring his invention to life, he accidentally launched it into the sky above the clouds. His Food Maker somehow was kept suspended above the cloud. Flint then manipulated it to produce food for the whole town. Of course he became popular instantly.

This is for you sweetheart.

All Flint has to do is send orders to his Food Maker and voila it will be raining food. Thus, the Mayor of his town wanted to exploit on Flint's invention and promote their town via "food weather" tourism. As the movie was nearing its climax, it got more intense and a lot of interesting food suddenly appeared. Ha :D I'm not going to divulge too much, I don't want to spoil the fun. And by the way, Flint himself is already entertaining enough to make you laugh. :D

Be sure to watch out for the Mayor (left) and Brent!

Hopefully you guys are able to catch this movie in your nearest cinema. I'm sure you'll be tickled. This movie is really, really hilarious. It certainly deserve 4 stars from me. Anyway here's some appetizer. :D

You love it right? :p

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