Friday, October 23, 2009

Wyzo-My Dream Web Browser!

First we have Internet Explorer that bring us to travel through the virtual world. Then come along other web browser such as Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. I have not use IE for like...more than a few years now. I was an avid fan of Firefox when it was first surfaced from obscurity. That was when I ditched IE because it became too slow and cluttered. But some time ago Google rolled out their in-house ultra fast Chrome. I fiddled with it and immediately I fell in love in it.

IE sucks big time. :(

Ever since that I have been using Google Chrome to surf the internet. Not only it is clean and simple, Chrome is really fast...REALLY! Moreover Chrome rarely crash compared to Mozilla which is more "buggy". That's why I have switched to Chrome and put aside my foxy Mozilla. However a few days ago I discovered another new browser from the Mozilla stable. At first I thought it was just another open source Mozilla-powered browser. But after reading a few good reviews about it, I decided to give it a try.

Yupe! :D

Gosh! It turns out to be a diamond in the rough compared to its other siblings. I experimented it by myself and I am convinced that this is my dream web browser. In fact I believe it can very well become every downloaders ultimate dream web browser! I used it to download a 24MB Mario game and it took Wyzo just 2 monutes (120 seconds) to accomplish its mission. Amazing right?

Only 2 minutes! :D

Enter Wyzo. My latest arsenal against slow download speed! So what else can Wyzo do for you? Not much though. But if you are a bit-torrent lovers, you'll go ga-ga with this browser too. Cut the crap and let me share with you guys what Wyzo have in store for you:

Supercharged Downloads
Yupe! This is the maiden reason why I wanna try it out. With Wyzo, your downloads will be in turbo mode. Wyzo incorporates multi-sources downloading whenever possible to accelerate your downloads. Wyzo claimed your downloads speed can be increased up to10x!

BitTorrent Integration
As mentioned earlier, BitTorrent users will love this feature from Wyzo. Now downloading BitTorrent files will be easier than ever. Not only you can use Wyzo to surf the web, you can also download Torrents right from within Wyzo. Yes! No special software is needed. Surd and download using Wyzo. :)

Coollris-Your Cinematic Experience
With this neat feature, you Wyzo will be transformed into an ultra-fast, cinematic way to discover the web. You can watch movies and Youtube right inside your browser!

Mouse Gestures
Ok! Opera users are familiar with this because I first discovered about this special "trick" while using Opera. You can now execute various commands with 5 types of gestures. You can drag, scroll and click your way around the web. For example, you right click your mouse and drag it to the left...voila it acts as a "back" button.

Hmm...That's all from me folks. If you like to download stuff from the web, be sure to try this sleek surfer out. I'm sure you'll find Wyzo very useful. :p

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