Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Expensive Indulgence At Yuzu!

After snapping around and loitering at Kampung Midvalley, wifey and I wanted to fill our tummy. It was already 2pm then. "To go for Manhattan Fish Market or to try something else in the Garden?" Both of us are still undecided. But since we had MFM a few months ago in KLCC, we made p our mind to let our taste buds try something exquisite. We wanted to relish something we won't have in Malacca. Then both my wife and I ventured out of Midvalley into the the Gardens. That was our maiden visit into the Gardens.

We were awe-struck to witness Gardens with our own eyes. All this while, we didn't have the opportunity to step into this luxurious mall. The designs and architecture of the Gardens is very much, different from Midvalley. Everything here look classier compared to their older sibling. A lot of zen and touch has been applied. But somehow Gardens is a little bit "colder" compared to the friendlier Midvalley. Some part of the Gardens was really human-less when we were sight-seeing. Or perhaps we are just used to Midvalley. :p

Our next pit stop!

After scouring the Gardens for quite a while, we decided to settle down and satiate our hunger. There were several food restaurants that really grabbed our attention but in the end we have chosen Yuzu to gratify our needs. All thanks to Foongpc's Yuzu recommendation.

Welcome to Yuzu! :)

We were greeted by a rather elaborate decoration at the entrance. There was even a small pond housing several cute dancing koi. :D Then we were asked to choose between smoking and non-smoking areas to dine in. Of course we chose the latter.

So what should we eat?

Simple and yet elegant.

The environment is very soothing and I love the warm ambiance. After we had placed our orders I roamed around the restaurant to admire its decoration and its amiable atmosphere. I like Yuzu I must say and their waitress are really helpful. Wifey and I was quite hungry.

We were chatting about our next destination and then it came-our appetizer! Aww...welcome Ishiyaki Geso Mayonnaise. It was squid tentacles with mayonnaise wrapped with aluminium foil and grilled on a hot stone. The taste was so glorious! This is certainly one of the a la carte meal you should try at Yuzu! Then our next a la carte Geso Tatsuta Age made its way onto our table. These deep fried squid tasted just nice. Yummy! :p

Ishiyaki Geso Mayonnaise-Simply the BEST!

Geso Tatsuta Age-Not bad. :)

After our tongue had tasted the appetizers, we will be bracing for our main meal! My Unagi & Soba & Takikomi Gohan Set settled first. Gosh I never thought it will be so huge. The meals are nicely placed in "tray"? :p A few moments later, my wife's Yuzu Bento landed. I thought hers was equally large too, if not larger.

Mine. Sorry for the blurry pic. :p

Wife's Bento Set. Looked more delicious than mine. :D

There were so many food in our respective meals. But the portion for each of it could be a little bigger. Greedy me. :p Well...after visually admiring the food for awhile, wifey and I started to let our taste buds do the talking! "Itadakimasu!" :)

Itadakimasu everyone!

I really enjoyed the meal a lot. Hmm...perhaps I have never tried such Japanese cuisines before? There a variety of weird stuff that I have never seen before. For example the...err...noddle soaked in cold soup? :p But of all the foods, my favourite was still the raw salmon slice. Yum! Yum! The Unagi made me wanna puke. I guess I just don't know how to appreciate it. An acquired taste for the smelly Unagi I bet?

Yum! Yum!

By the time we finished our meal we were very quite full already. Our next food stop, Manhattan Fish Market has to be scrapped. It was indeed an enjoyable treat for both of us. The whole meal costed around RM120. Indeed an expensive indulgence huh! But I really had a great time with my sweet heart at Yuzu! Will we be here again? God knows. :p

Burrppp...that's all folks. :D

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